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Denis Wittberg

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Charming Seducer Irony

Denis Wittberg is the most stylish seduction since the "Roaring Twenties". Charmingly ironic and at a high level, Denis Wittberg and Jörg Walter Gerlach lead us through the music of the 20s and 30s - through the Berlin of the Golden Twenties with its vaudevilles, dance halls and grand revue palaces. Since February 2003, Denis Wittberg has been making sure that the dance and film music of the 20s and 30s is heard again with its wordplay, its quirky lightness and its soulful melodies. Together with his pianist Jörg Walter Gerlach, he succeeds in performing couplets and hits in a typically nasal and cryptic manner. The ambiguous texts and above all his extravagant and sophisticated style of performance help him to achieve this. The restrained austerity and the seemingly grotesque seriousness of their appearance leave the appropriate space for irony. Composers such as Walter Jurmann, Peter Kreuder and Robert Gilbert wrote hits and popular songs that were not only varied and modern in their time, but also sparkled with wit and irony. The charismatic singer authentically brings this mood into the hearts of his audience in his solo programme. Enjoy works such as "Weißt Du was Du kannst - mich am Nachmittag besuchen" (Do you know what you can do - visit me in the afternoon) or "Die Braut von Alexander, die geht so auseinander" (The bride of Alexander, she's coming apart). The well-known cabaret works of the twenties and thirties are always hilarious, because some of them had a lot to say behind the lyrics. Denis Wittberg and his Shellac Soloists are well-known from ZDF, SWR and countless appearances.


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