Guided city tours

Exciting, informative and entertaining

Always one step ahead with our guided tours

Our guided tours will inspire you with breathtaking architecture, entertaining anecdotes and exciting stories from the Romans, through the Imperial Era until today. Hiking enthusiasts and culinary experts will also get their money's worth: whether "conquering" the Limes, tasting water from the medicinal springs of our region or the Lahn wine in a guided vineyard hike.


That's wy our guided tours have added value

  • On the road with insiders

  • Exclusive access to non-public places

  • Individual arrangements and extensions possible

  • Guided tour in costume

Our tour guides

Here you can see our guides in "civil". They are also available to you and your group for thematic tours in appropriate historical costumes. Then, for example, Madame Sylvie Duperrier, Hannes the Donkey Guide, Sergeant Plaschke or Appolinarija Alexejewna von Lebedeff await you.