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Europe's leading clinic

Back to a healthy balance in Europe's leading clinic

The Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Bad Ems is Europe's largest and leading private Ayurveda clinic. Many times awarded and in a unique location in the middle of the historic spa district and on the idyllic river Lahn. With an Ayurveda cure you can restore your healthy balance and gain new vitality. The heart of the therapy is Panchakarma, the classical Ayurveda cure for detoxification, revitalisation and for the therapy of otherwise difficult to treat chronic diseases. But also in the wellness area you can expect applications with an outstanding quality standard.

Excellent quality level of the Ayurveda Clinic Bad Ems

  • Authentic implementation of the thousands of years old Ayurvedic recommendations

  • State-approved private clinic (§ 30 GewO) with certified hygiene standard

  • Competent, experienced medical team with on-call service

  • Tested, authentic Ayurveda products in premium quality

  • Therapists carefully trained according to standardised guidelines

  • Loving and intensive guest care

  • Delicious, authentic Ayurveda cuisine

© Maharishi Ayurveda Gesundheits- und Seminarzentrum Bad Ems GmbH

Ayurveda - "The knowledge of long life

Ayurveda is the oldest traditional natural medicine of mankind. For almost 3000 years Ayurveda has helped people to maintain or restore their healthy balance. Maharishi Ayurveda includes all traditional aspects of Ayurveda. It is a complete, natural, preventive health system, free of negative side effects.

© Maharishi Ayurveda Gesundheits- und Seminarzentrum Bad Ems GmbH

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With this package deal you can get a taste of the world of Ayurveda and experience the beneficial and deeply relaxing treatments on your body.