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Water sports 

The Lahn - our golden water vein

Adventure playground and oasis of peace at the same time

The water of the Lahn is a place of rest and activity all in one. The river is our natural heart and invites young and old to relax, romp and play on, on and in it - just as you like it. Just sit and watch the ducks and birds or cast your fishing rod. The gentle lahn provides soothing peace and quiet. This is also true for those who paddle relaxed over the water, whether together in a canoe or solo on the SUP. You will find cosy spots as well as lively camping sites or the relaxed beach bar with volleyball field. Friends of motorised water sports meet in the marina and enjoy the social interaction. We even have a sauna floating on the water. The Lahn, with its 242 kilometres, is one of the most romantic and water hiking-friendly rivers in Germany


"The best present I ever gave my husband was this canoe weekend at the Lahn. Here he could really let off steam his thirst for adventure"

Jenny, holidaymaker from Wiesbaden

Canoe arrangements 

With our package deals you can enjoy the Lahn in a very relaxed way and experience a great supporting programme

Holidays on the houseboat

With the houseboat you are your own captain and you decide where you want to go. Absolutely close to nature and yet with the comfort of a holiday apartment.