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Mineral springs

Our water treasures

Bad Ems is a true paradise of healing springs

Water is life. We have a lot of water and above all good water, which provides a very special quality of life, which you can feel with us. We have 15 healing springs, believe it or not! One of them: the Robert-Kampe spring, a really Guinness Book suspected spring. With its 57° C it is one of the hottest in Germany. In summer, when it’s at its best, the fountain with its artesian water bubbles up to 8 meters high. In the historical fountain hall you can try our most famous spring, the Emser Krähnchen. And what do chemists and physicians have to say about the 15 medicinal springs of Bad Ems? They are alkaline-muriatic acidulous waters, the only ones in Germany.



medicinal springs

bubble up from the ground in Bad Ems

57 °C

The Robert-Kampe bubble is one of the hottest in Germany


So many of the world-famous Emser Pastille are produced every year

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Home of the world-famous Emser Pastilles

A success story without equal! The Emser Pastille. For more than 150 years they have been on everyone's lips and the means of choice when it comes to the well-being of throat and voice. Singers, speakers and voice therapists also swear by its effects. Because in contrast to common or sea salt, Emser Salt contains more than 20 minerals and trace elements.


Our most important springs

You should definitely visit or taste these springs when you visit Bad Ems.

  • Spring 1
    Emser Kränchen

    Emser Kränchen

    The most famous of our sources

    The water has a healing effect on diseases of the respiratory tract and bronchi. You can try the Emser Kränchen free of charge directly in the Brunnenhalle, the best thing is of course an original Emser Kurbecher.

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  • Spring 2
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    Beautifully situated on the banks of the Lahn

    The 42° C warm healing water of the Roman spring is especially useful for digestive problems, and thus it would have served the ancient Romans well after a sumptuous feast.


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  • Spring 3

    "House Drink"

    Contact point for all thirsty people

    The Bad Emser Haustrunk is a publicly accessible spring with two taps. Anyone who feels like it (and is thirsty) can taste and refill the Emser spring water here. Located directly on the Lahnradweg, it is a popular stopover.

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  • Spring 4
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    One of the hottest in Germany

    It's a full 57 degrees. In summer, when it is at its best, its fountain of artesian water bubbles up to 8 metres high - all by itself with natural pressure. Water-shy people should keep a little distance, it could get wet.

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Emser Kränchen Table Water

A true classic is back: in the middle of the 19th century, around 3 million jugs a year were filled in Bad Ems with the precious healing spring water of the Emser Kränchen spring and shipped to the whole of Europe. Since a few years now, the spring product is back on the market and can be drunk in the local gastronomy or taken home as a souvenir.