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Wine Culture

Wine from the Lahn - a real rarity

Deep in the wild and romantic Lahn valley, almost hidden, a special cultural asset can be found: Wine from the Lahn. The first vines came to the Lahn Valley with the monks from Burgundy. Where the Gelbach flows into the Lahn, there are still some vines that are over 100 years old, and when the vines are tied here in spring, countless hearts are closely joined together. Five winegrowers recultivate the area of cultivable land and care for the vineyards, because wine from Obernhof and Weinähr is a real rarity. You can only find it here and it is best enjoyed in the in-house wine tavern. Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe appreciated this special place on earth and today the Goethe Point, 300 meters above sea level, is named after him. A wine tasting high above with a view into the untouched nature is a very special experience, certainly for you too. 


The queen of the vines 

Both in the Goetheberg and in the Weinährer Giebelhöll, slate soil is predominant. This is where fruity Spätburgunder wines grow today as well as Müller- Thurgau and of course Riesling - as the queen of the vines. In its distinctive and palatable style, this is one of the most popular and most consumed wines on the Lahn.