Bad Ems

The imperial bath at the Lahn

Fascinating history at every turn

Emperor's bath, summer capital of Europe, world bath, Little Nice - the health resort on the Lahn presents itself as an extraordinary place and inspires history and art enthusiasts as well as photographers. The idyllic townscape tells of yesteryear: of Roman history, German Romanticism, important political decisions and the aristocracy from all over Europe. You can admire all this here at actual locations.


"Unbelievable! It's like somebody built a set for a Hollywood movie."

Comment of a visitor during a guided tour

First-rate sights

This glorious history has left its mark everywhere and allows you to experience first class sights virtually at every turn. Here, magnificent baroque buildings alternate with masterpieces of spa architecture or classicism. In the middle of this dreamlike ambience you can stroll, linger and enjoy. The baroque bathing castle, marble hall, the Kurtheater and the oldest casino in Germany are a feast for the eyes and guarantee great photo memories.


The world as a guest

In the former imperial bath the celebrities of the high nobility, art and learnedness bustled. Emperor Wilhelm I. stayed here as well as Tsar Alexander II. Dostojewski wrote to his "Brothers Karamasow" and Richard Wagner completed his opera "Parzifal" at Balmoral Castle. The composer Jacques Offenbach even worked for 12 years as a concert master in Bad Ems. Many of his works were premiered here.



dahlias in Germany's largest flower parade


bubbling mineral springs

78 %


has the Kurwaldbahn

A paradise of mineral springs

Nature also means too well with Bad Ems: the health resort is situated on a healing spring saddle, which lets the healthy water bubble up in quantities, straight from 15 healing springs! For example in the Brunnenhalle: Here you can taste the spring water fresh from the ground.


Our top tips

You shouldn't miss this when you visit Bad Ems!

  • Tip #1
    Bad Ems Kurwaldbahn © Dominik Ketz

    Kurwaldbahn cable railway

    Above the roofs of the Kaiserbad

    With its 78 percent incline, the Kurwaldbahn is one of the steepest funicular railway in the world! Once you arrive at the top station, you can enjoy an impressive view of the spa town.

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  • Tip #2
    Die Lahn und das Kurhaus

    Baroque bathhouse

    The magnificent building par excellence of Bad Ems

    A princess from the House of Nassau-Oranien had her private bathing palace built in 1711-20 on the very spot where the medicinal springs were already being used in the Middle Ages. The later Emperor Wilhelm also stayed here during his vacations.

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  • Tip #3

    Concordia Tower

    Viewing platform with fantastic panoramic view

    The Concordia Tower is located at the end of the rock path, which Baedecker already praised. If you have a good head for heights, the viewing platform offers an impressive panoramic view of the Lahn Valley, Taunus and Westerwald. .

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  • Tip #4
    russische Kirche

    Russian-Orthodox Church

    Impressive church with golden domes and valuable iconostases

    The highlight of the visit is the magnificent gilded iconostasis, a rare monument of extraordinary importance in the history of art.

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  • Tip #5

    Historical spa gardens

    Garden art oasis of peace

    The spa gardens, today a place of rest and relaxation, date back to the late 17th century. It consists of a French and an English garden section, each with its own unique style.

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  • Tip #6
    Marmorsaal Bad Ems

    Marble hall

    Architectural jewel and "holy" cult(ural) site

    Emperors, kings and tsars once indulged in cultural enjoyment here. Even today the magnificent hall with its wall paintings and columns made of Lahntal marble still enchants its visitors.

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  • Tip #7
    Beatles Museum

    Beatles Museum

    One of the most extensive collections in Germany

    From small chewing gum trading pictures to life-size star cut, from dolls, original autographs and records to instruments. Here music fans make eyes and ears.

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  • Tip #8
    Robert Kampe Sprudel

    Robert- Kampe- Fountain

    A Guinness Book suspicious source

    With its 57° C it is one of the hottest sources in Germany. If it is going strong, the fountain with its artesian water even bubbles 8 metres high in summer.

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  • Tip #9

    Spring Hall

    Tasting the famous medicinal spring water

    In this portico, three different springs come to light: the "Kesselbrunnen", the "Kaiserbrunnen" and, the most famous, the "Emser Kränchen".

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short trip Bad Ems 

This short holiday is our tip if you want to get to know the famous spa town. Here you will experience the Kaiserbad Bad Ems with all its diversity, great history and impressive scenery from different perspectives


History was written here

A stone in the flower bed not far from the banks of the Lahn reminds us that on the morning of 13 July 1870 at exactly 9.10 a.m. a chapter of European history began which was to help the spa town of Bad Ems to gain an eternal place in the history books. This event has become known under the term "Emser Depesche".