Natural idyll

A green paradise for nature lovers

Holiday in the heart of a nature park

Nature has really taken good care of us, you can experience that at every corner here. Only a few minutes on foot, and you are already in nature from almost everywhere. You can see, hear and smell that, because our air is especially clean. No wonder, because Bad Ems-Nassau is located in the middle of a nature park. Here, nature lovers and those seeking relaxation will find ideal conditions for a holiday in beautiful, unspoilt countryside.



Dragonfly species are at home here


Bat species live in the nature park


The local fauna includes bird species

The Lahn - landscape poetry in its most beautiful forms

The Lahn enchants with its unspoilt nature and the varied landscape along its banks. It is one of the most natural rivers in Germany. Nowhere does the term wild romantic fit better than here. Quiet alluvial landscapes, flowering meadows, dense mixed forests that reach right up to the banks and rugged rock faces with dizzying cliffs - behind every river bend, new insights and views await you.


Low mountain range landscape like in a picture book

The Lahn is our lifeline and at the same time our centre. It is embedded between Westerwald and Taunus, our "hinterland". Here you will find low mountain range landscape as you imagine it: Extensive meadows and fields, valleys and hilly landscapes - sometimes gentle, sometimes wild - clear streams with rippling water and bizarre rock formations of slate and limestone. And of course dense forests. Today fortunately without robbers, but still with lots of adventure and full of legends, myths and stories.


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Our natural treasures - Diverse fauna & flora

Especially the Lahn and its alluvial landscapes provide habitat for many rare and endangered animal and plant species. Thus the river has a very special significance for humans and nature. A large number of fish and amphibians live in the water. Birds such as the common sandpiper find food on shallow sandbanks and pebble banks, and the scarp faces offer ideal nesting places for the kingfisher. The green lizard and the two-coloured bat are two other rarities. And did you know that you can even find wild orchids here!