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Cradle of European monarchies

Hard to believe, but the tranquil Nassau an der Lahn is the cradle of numerous European monarchies. Even today, descendants of the House of Nassau reign in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with King William Alexander of the Netherlands and Grand Duke Henri. This impressive history is best brought to life by a visit to Nassau Castle, the ancestral seat of the noble families. Here you will also find out why the capital of the Bahamas bears our name.


He set the ball rolling

Besides the noble families of the Nassau-Oranians, Nassau is also the birthplace of the great reformer Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsherr vom und zum Stein. Even today, his "Nassau Memorandum" is the basis of communal self-administration. The Freiherr vom Stein Park and the birth castle with the octagonal Freedom Tower are still landmarks in the city centre. In the best sense of the word, you will stumble across Stein's traces everywhere else in your Nassau book. 


What the "Nassauern" is all about

If you always wanted to know what the "Nassauenr" is all about - here is the story: Real "Nassauers" only lived in Göttingen from 1817 to 1892. At that time the Duchy of Nassau did not have its own state university and therefore declared the University of Göttingen as such. Since there were already poor students at that time, the kind Duke Wilhelm donated a free table for his state children by an agreement with a restaurateur. But not only students from the Duchy of Nassau had a narrow purse: As soon as a seat at the "Nassauer Freitisch" was vacant, other students pretended to be Nassauers and undeservedly enjoyed a free meal.



on 5 Continents you will find places called Nassau

120 Meter

above the river Lahn lies the castle Nassau-Oranien


the "Nassauer Denkschrift" was written by Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein in stein'schen Schloss in Nassau

Our top tips

You shouldn't miss this when you visit Nassau!

  • Tip #1
    Der Adelsheimer Hof in Nassau

    Adelsheimer Hof

    Pure half-timbered romanticism

    The "Adelsheimer Hof" is one of the most beautiful and romantic German half-timbered houses. The rich carvings on the corner posts and at the east entrance are among the most valuable in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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  • Tip #2
    Burg Nassau

    Castle Nassau-Oranien

    Fairytale castle situated high above the Lahn

    From afar, the castle Nassau-Oranien, whose counts' families have brought the name Nassau to the whole world, welcomes its visitors. The castle tower offers a fantastic view.

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  • Tip #3
    Steinsches Schloss

    Stein’sche castle

    Birthplace of the famous reformer

    Stein'sche Schloss is the birthplace of Baron Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein (1757-1831). In memory of the German wars of liberation against Napoleon I, he left an octagonal tower in neo-Gothic style.


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  • Tip #4
    Freiherr vom Stein Denkmal

    Freiherr-vom Stein monument

    Monument with a view

    High above the city and in honour of the famous reformer Freiherr vom Stein you will find this monument. From here you have a beautiful view of Nassau.

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  • Tip #5
    Park Nassau


    Leisure park directly at the Lahn river bank

    The park offers many opportunities for recreation, sports and long walks. Of course, mini golf and playgrounds for children are also included.

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  • Tip #6

    Grey Tower

    Grey tower with a gruesome past

    The tower, also called the witches' tower, served a cruel justice from 1600 to 1659: tower punishment, interrogations and torture of the "witches" before their execution.

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