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In 2006, Günter Leifheit, an honorary citizen of Nassau, wanted to show the significance of the name NASSAU and donated this monument for this purpose.

The settlement name "Nassau" (today's town of Nassau an der Lahn) was first documented in 915 as the farm "Nassau". The origin of this name is not certain.

Nassau in the Osterzgebirge

The small village of Nassau in the Osterzgebirge received its name in the 19th century from a hereditary judge of Nassau, Herr Steiger. Under his leadership, compulsory labour was abolished there. The Silbermann organ in the village church is famous.

Nassau, district of Weikersheim an der Tauber

The name of the town is derived from "nass" - i.e. wet - because the town lies on the river (Tauber).


Curiosity in the border area between the Netherlands and Belgium. The village lies on the territory of both states. The area used to belong to the Duke of Braband, then to the landlords of Breda, NL. The founded village did not want to be divided, so until today they decide together what concerns everybody, otherwise there are two administrations, two police stations, two fire brigades. The border runs partly through the houses. The house numbers in the national colours show whether they belong to Belgium or the Netherlands.

Cape Nassau, shelter on the Russian island

In the 16th century, the Dutch navigator Barents was looking for a shorter route to Asia in a northerly direction. Because of the onset of winter, he built a shelter on a Russian island Novaya Zemlya.

Nassau, capital of the Bahamas

In 1688, the Stadtholder William III of Orange ruled Nassau in the Netherlands. He was summoned to England and crowned king there. In his honour, on the colony of Bahamas founded by England, the capital was renamed from Charles-Town to Nassau. Today it is the most famous city named Nassau

Nassau River Nassau- Sund

river in the north of Forida In North Florida, the Nassau River flows into the Nassau Sound

Nassau Plantation, Texas

Traces of German emigrants Nassau County, area in New York State. Fertile area in the vicinity of New York, the John F. Kennedy Airport is located in the county.

Nassau Street

Street parallel to Wall Street in New York

Fort Nassau

Securing trading posts on the African west coast Due to the spice trade in the Middle Ages, which was firmly in Dutch hands, several forts were founded in the 17th century

Fort Nassau in Indonesia

In 1607, a Fort Nassau was founded on Molucca Island, now Indonesia.

Nassau, Coral Island of Polynesia

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a small coral island called Nassau, now administered by New Zealand

Nassau Mountains

Mountain range in New Guinea

Nassau Mountains

300km long mountain range with heights over 5000m. Then the Oranie Mountains with the highest altitude of 4750m, the Wilhelmina Mountain.

Nassau Bay

Bay in the northwest of New Guinea

Nassau Gulf

Sea part of a southern tip of South America


True "Nassauers" only lived in Göttingen from 1816 - 1892. At that time, the Duchy of Nassau had no state university of its own and therefore declared the university in Göttingen as such. Since there were poor students even then, the benevolent Duke Wilhelm donated a free table for his Landeskinder. But it was not only students from Nassau who had a tight purse and a hungry stomach. Others pretended to be from Nassau and undeservedly enjoyed a free meal.

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