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Avillage with about 325 inhabitants, located 2 km west of Nassau

The place is first mentioned around 1340. Around 1430 Dienethal belonged to the Sponheim manor Nievern and in 1344 it was already part of the castle truce and the court of Nassau. Dienethal's size is about 150 ha, 48 ha of which are woods, mostly on steep slopes. In the village community a lot of community spirit was developed by the population. Already at the end of the fifties, due to the lack of water, a water pumping station above the village was extended and a connection to the local mains was built. At the beginning of the sixties a cemetery hall was built. In 1978 the community decided to build a village community centre with an event hall with the financial support of the local associations. The construction was started in 1979, in 1982 the completion of the village community centre was celebrated, which was mainly built by the community members themselves. 1985 saw the construction of the parking lot at the cemetery, the construction of the new wine press house and the staircase to the village community centre from 1987 to 1988, the construction of a bus shelter in 1988, the renovation of the barbecue area and the renovation of the refuge "Köpfchensruh" in 1991/1992 and the construction of a new children's playground in 1993.