Swiss mountain romanticism

Located directly on the river Lahn and about four kilometres away from Bad Ems is the village of Miellen. The name of the village is derived from "mill". In the beginning there was probably a water mill at the lower course of the brook in today's Schweizertal, later a total of six mills were built here. The Schweizerertal is also a very popular destination for hikers and nature lovers: strongly rugged and wildly romantic, it is a landscape experience of a special kind. From here, attractive tours to the heights of the Taunus follow or a detour to the impressive Ruppertsklamm, part of the Rhine trail as well as the new Lahnwanderweg (hiking trail). Fans of fishing and water sports will also get their money's worth. Due to its location, excursions to nearby Lahnstein or Koblenz are also possible, which is of course best done by bicycle.


What you can experience and find here