Awooded and hilly landscape characterizes the small community on the Taunus heights

With 165 inhabitants, Oberwies, situated 335 metres above sea level, is one of the smaller communities of the association. The village includes the farm Gieshübel, which was already mentioned in the 14th century and belonged to the Stein family, as well as the outlying district "Höfe Dörstheck", which only came to Oberwies from the Lahnstein estate in 1936. As heraldic animal the municipality leads the boar on oak leaves. While the oak tree is a symbol for the densely wooded landscape, the boar can be traced back to the original version of the village name "Eberwies". In the 1970s, faced with the choice of demolition or renovation, the community decided to preserve the village's old bakehouse. Thus the rustic baking of unadulterated farmhouse bread in the old bakehouse could be preserved as a tradition. Since then, the "Backesfest" has been held annually on the first weekend in August, where everyone can convince themselves of the unmistakable taste of genuine stone-baked rye bread. In the meantime, the "Oberwieser Backesbrot" is known and popular far beyond the borders of the community. A second half-timbered bakery dating from the last century has been restored at the Gieshübel farm.


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