Lies at 250 m altitude in a meadow valley

The first documentary mention is found in the partition contract of 1255 between Walram and Otto von Nassau. In this contract the branch is called "Solzbach". It can be assumed that the community was named after the stream that runs alongside the valley right in the middle. From 1255 Sulzbach was jointly owned by the counts of Nassau and belonged to the Nassau Amt. In 1523 our community belonged to the court district of Becheln. Anno 1667 it came to the parish of Nassau and the church Dienethal. Sulzbach currently has 227 inhabitants. The size of the district is 220 hectares, 105 hectares of which are woodland. The community was originally agricultural. In addition to a few full-time farms, there were also many farming businesses on a sideline basis. The last farmer stopped his gainful employment on 31.12.90. Since 1872 our community had its own school, the last children were taught in 1962. Today our children attend the primary and secondary school in Nassau.


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