Gossip with Monsieur Petit

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  • Bad Ems
  • Tagesaufenthalt
  • Guides tours
  • from 70€
Stroll with Monsieur Petit through the spa town of Bad Ems in the 19th century, past buildings, monuments and fountains of the "summer capital of Europe", and learn the small and big secrets of its famous spa guests.
Monsieur Petit is one of the vaudeville artists, flâneurs and dandies who are hired to entertain and amuse the spa guests of Bad Ems! Naturally, he pokes his nose into the big and small secrets of the best circles of illustrious society without being asked. Kaiser Wilhelm I, Kaiser Friedrich III, Eugénie, Empress of the French Jenny Lind, Karl Maria von Weber, Clara Schumann, Tsar Alexander II - no one is safe from him. Feared by his own colleagues, nothing remains hidden from him, gossip was invented by him, so to speak!

    Duration: 1.5 hrs.
    Group: max. 30 pers.
    Price: 70 €

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