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Kanucharter Nassau - water hiking with the canoe on the Lahn

The Lahn is one of the most popular water hiking rivers in Germany. Due to its charming natural landscape it is also one of the most beautiful canoeing rivers. From Marburg to its mouth into the Rhine near Lahnstein, the Lahn is navigable all year round by canoe over a distance of about 160 km. Our canoe rental in Nassau an der Lahn offers you daily canoeing tours from Weilburg to Lahnstein during the season - from April to the end of October. The combination of canoe & Lahn offers an active leisure experience. As a professional canoe tour operator, we offer, besides numerous complete packages, the possibility to organize your Lahn tour individually as a day trip, weekend or to arrange holiday trips according to your wishes. In addition to kayaks and canoes, you can also rent pedal boats, rowing boats and electric boats by the hour. With our motorboat "Lahnperle" you have a faster boat variant at your disposal, which you can also use without a driving licence. As a special highlight our BBQ-Donut® is waiting for your group or family, where you can combine boating and barbecue. New this year: our houseboat "Toms Hütte" on which you can spend a relaxed holiday on the Lahn with up to six people without a driving licence. For smaller groups we offer the houseboat "Huckleberry Inn", with which you can discover the Lahn between Lahnstein and Dehrn with a total of max. four persons. Rent a canoe and more Our current range of services includes not only the classic canoe tours on the Lahn, but we can also round off your company or club outing with a final barbecue or even a picnic in between. We would be pleased to take care of your excursion from the very beginning, and if desired, of course, we can also take care of the bus transfer. Barbecue on the river A lot of fun. With our BBQ-Donut® equipped with an electric motor, you can enjoy a quiet ride on the river while having a barbecue or coffee. Book a complete package or bring your own delicious treats. Almost everything is possible. Short holiday on the river In the season 2017 our houseboat "Huckleberry-Inn" started as the newest offer for you. Go on board and enjoy the river landscape of the Lahn in rustic flair. You have everything you need for a short holiday on board. You do not need a driving licence for this. You will receive a detailed briefing before the start of the trip. A short trip on the Lahn Our motor boat "Lahnperle" is ideal for a short trip on the Lahn. With 2 adults and 2 children you can enjoy a day on the river. Equipped with a 10 HP outboard motor you can explore the river without a driving licence. *** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

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