Limes games and guard posts 2/13

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  • Dornholzhausen
  • Roman Limes

Limes games invite you to join in

Around the village of Dornholzhaisen there is one of the best preserved sections of the Limes in Rhineland-Palatinate. At the cemetery there is a Limes rest area with several information boards and a palisade wall. Not only children are interested in the limes games, which invite them to join in, starting at the stele opposite the cemetery, continuing in the direction of Oberwies to watchtower 2/13. The triangle game (LUDUS DELTA): The object of the game is to throw pine cones into different parts of the triangle. Rolling nuts (LUDUS TABULAE OBLIQUAE): This game has 2 variations: roll as far as possible 2. to hit a target as accurately as possible. Orca game (LUDUS ORCA): Orka play involves throwing pine cones into a clay jar Roman round mill (MOLA ROTUNDA): Each player has three stones of the same color - First, the players take turns placing their checkers, then they take turns in moving them. - The winner is the player who first manages to close a mill, i.e. three stones in a row.

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