Premium trail HöhenLuft 

Fantastic views of Bad Ems and the Lahn Valley

High feelings for hikers

This premium trail, HöhenLuft, has been awarded a prize by the German Hiking Institute and lives up to its name. But the reward for many a climb is overwhelming: fantastic views of Lahntal and Kaiserbad. And an extremely varied round tour is the HöhenLuft, in addition. On the one hand, there is the beautiful nature with its originality, on the other hand, there is a cultural-historical landscape with evidence from antiquity to the present day.


Highlights of the HöhenLuft

This is what you can expect on the HöhenLuft around Bad Ems

  • 1
    Ausblick genießen und die Wanderkarte studieren

    Viewing pulpit

    Fantastic view of Bad Ems

    The lookout pulpit offers a fantastic view of Bad Ems and is therefore perfect for a short break.

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  • 2
    Natur entdecken


    Legendary caves

    A strange freak of nature, caused by lime leaching. Innumerable legends entwine themselves around the caves, which already belonged to the standard tourist program in the 19th century

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  • 3

    Concordia Tower

    360 degree panoramic view

    If you are free from giddiness, the viewing platform offers an impressive panoramic view over the Lahn Valley near Bad Ems, Taunus and Westerwald.

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  • 4
    Robert Kampe Sprudel

    Robert Kampe Fountain

    A Guinness Book suspicious source

    With its 57° C it is one of the hottest springs in Germany. If it is in good shape, the fountain with its artesian water even bubbles 8 meters high in summer.

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  • 5

    Baedecker's rock path

    Always along the edge

    The rock path up to the Concordia Tower offers ever new and impressive views into the Lahn Valley.

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  • 6
    Einstig in die Kurwaldbahn


    Bahn nehmen oder doch lieber laufen?

    Wenn du dir einen Anstieg ersparen willst, kannst du mit der Kurwaldbahn den Weg abkürzen. Ansonsten passierst du sie bei deinem Aufstieg.

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