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Our favourite places

Here you simply like to be

For nature lovers and romantics

Thanks to our location in the middle of a nature park, we have plenty of beautiful spots. But there are some places that are simply particularly beautiful. And our landscape is also very varied: just a few kilometres up or down the river or up the hills and it looks completely different again. The best way to discover our favourite corners is by hiking, cycling or canoeing.


The Bäderlei Rocks

Already in the 19th century, during the Romantic period, the Bäderlei with its rocky landscape high above Bad Ems was an extremely popular destination for excursions. Numerous vantage points, the Heinzelmannshöhlen as well as the Mooshütte, then as now a meeting point for lovers, offer the opportunity to enjoy the landscape. Karl Baedecker, pioneer of travel guides, also praised the rocks of the Bäderlei, as did the famous writer Dostojewski, who called them "the most beautiful in the world".


Pond in Mühlbachtal

A walk along the ponds in the Mühlbachtal valley makes you feel almost like in a fairy tale world. Especially the evening mood or the mood after a rain shower is stunningly romantic. And when the sun's rays glisten on the surface of the water and the wind rustles in the reeds, you can't escape the magic of this scenery for good.


© Dominik Ketz

Upper vineyard path in Obernhof

On one of the resting benches in the upper vineyard area high above Obernhof you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the Lahn, the Arnstein monastery and the Obernhofer Goetheberg vineyard area, especially at dusk, alone or as a couple. Here you can let your soul dangle, decelerate and simply forget the time.


Waterfall "Teufelsdell"

At this favorite place it gets a little wet. But that is not surprising and definitely intended, because before you can admire the waterfall in Kernbachtal, which plunges about four metres vertically, you first have to walk down into the river bed via a small descent secured with ropes and then always follow the watercourse to the waterfall. There, a rest area invites you to take a break.