Experience Lahnwein

To be hobnob with the queen of wine

Experience the Lahnwein in all its variety and uniqueness

With us you can experience and appreciate our Lahnwein in many different ways. The most beautiful place is of course where the noble wines have their origin, in the middle of the vineyards. Here you can not only enjoy our wines, but also the wonderful view into the Lahn valley. And the best: A real wine queen herself will accompany you!  The VinoVent, centrally located in the village of Obernhof, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to taste and purchase our wines at any time of the year and regardless of the weather. A wine rarity from the Lahn is a very special holiday souvenir or gift for your loved ones at home.


Lahn wine tasting at Goethepunkt

The Goethe Point, 300 metres above the winegrowing village of Obernhof, offers a fantastic view of the Lahn Valley and the wine-growing regions. You can get here on a short hike. At the top, our former wine queen Kristina Haxel is already waiting for you and will introduce you to three wines from our local Lahn winegrowers, delicious snacks included. Our wine queen will accompany you a little bit more and tell you more interesting details about the winegrowing in Obernhof.

VinoVent - Lahn wine tasting and wine sale

The VinoVent-Obernhof is located in the centre of the village on the river Lahn and is therefore easily accessible for all visitors, whether by train, bicycle or canoe. It is the central contact point for our Lahn wines, which can be tasted here in a rustic ambience under expert guidance. In a small shop you can buy your favourite from a selection of different wines from the Obernhofer Goetheberg and the Weinährer Giebelhöll and take it home with you. In addition, of course, all sorts of interesting information on the subject is also presented here.

Weekend tip: "Weinselig im Goetheberg" from 172 Euro

With our package deal you can expect not only a wine tasting at Goethepunkt, but also a delicious winegrower's menu in a rustic atmosphere. With two overnight stays you have enough time to get to know the beautiful landscape.

Vineyard Festival 14 June 2020

"Wine-Hiking and Culinary" - Under this motto the Obernhofer Weinbergfest takes place every year on the second Sunday in June. Local winegrowers from Obernhof and Weinähr as well as restaurateurs from the region spoil you with tangy Lahn wine and culinary delights. On wine boxes and benches you can enjoy the beautiful landscape with a view of the Lahn, Obernhof and Arnstein Monastery and relax with a good glass of Lahn wine.


Open Lahn Wine Tastings 2020

This year you can take part in our open Lahn wine tastings on the first of May, Whit Monday and German Unity Day. Just walk by and enjoy. The wine tasting with small snacks will also take place at the Goethpunkt above Obernhof. At this special viewpoint our former wine queen explains interesting facts about Lahn wine and introduces the different wines bit by bit.

Mini-Lahn wine tasting

For all those who are just passing through or still have a lot of programme to do, but still want to have a taste of Lahn wine. The wine tasting lasts about 20 minutes and takes place centrally on the banks of the Lahn, for example in the beautiful garden of the generations. Under the guidance of Kristina Haxel, our former wine queen, you will taste three different wines from our Lahn winemakers.

Vine in Moderation

Wine. Conscious. To enjoy.

The enjoyment of wine and viticulture in Obernhof have played a major role for many centuries. Even though the enjoyment of wine has a high cultural and social value in society, it is important to us to point out that wine should only be enjoyed in moderation. Think about your health.  Also: "Don't drink and drive!"