Westerwald-Lahn cycle path

Short facts

  • start: Abzweig vom Lahn-Radweg (Viktoriaallee/Oranienstraße)
  • destination: Wissen Bahnhof und Sieg-Radweg
  • medium
  • 92,00 km
  • 7 hours 34 minutes
  • 1565 m
  • 519 m
  • 81 m
  • 80 / 100
  • 60 / 100

best season

Sporty tour from the Lahn to the Westerwald

n a south-north direction, the Westerwald-Lahn Cycle Path starts in Bad Ems, moves leisurely to Arzbach, and from here climbs in a clear but steady ascent on good forest paths to the south-eastern heights of the Montabaur city forest with the destination Welschneudorf.

Via Niederelbert and Oberelbert the route leads to Montabaur and right through the town centre to the ICE railway station and to Staudt, where in the surroundings of the newly designed fairground a beautiful rest area and an imaginative playground invite you to take a break.

On simple, well-maintained paths and quiet district roads, the route leads into the Aubach valley to Leuterod and through Ötzingen to Sainerholz.  A steep ascent leads over a hill to the Kleiner Saynbach with the villages of Blaumhöfen, Karnhöfen, Kuhnhöfen, Etzelbach, Arnshöfen and Haindorf-Obersayn.

Shortly after, between Rothenbach and Himburg, the route meets the "Westerwald-Rhein-Radweg" with which it runs parallel to Dreifelden with the Westerwald lake district.

From here, the route follows the Wied cycle path for a short while, visits the Wied spring near Linden and leads up to the alpine ranger hut on the Gräberskopf.

The next destination is Hachenburg, followed by a ride into the deep Nistertal valley, from where the route climbs steadily up a chain of hills to and through Streithausen into the valley of the Kleine Nister. Along this valley Luckenbach is reached with a further ascent up to Rosenheim.

Again the valley and ascent follow via Steinebach up to Gebhardshain. As the last dip with subsequent ascent, the ascent from Elbbachtal requires some more strength up to the heights of Mittelhof with a short final climb afterwards. Then it rolls down into Siegtal to Schönstein and Wissen.

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  • Nature Highlight
  • Stop at an Inn
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Getting there

Über die B260 von Koblenz nach Bad Ems


Insel Silberau (Kreisverwaltung)

Public transit

Mit der Lahntalbahn von Koblenz oder Gießen nach Bad Ems

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