With its 451 inhabitants in the middle of the nature park Nassauau

The monastery of viewpoint "Alei" Closely connected with the history of the abbey church Kloster Arnstein, which belongs to the political community, the first settlements from Arnstein were already present in 1120. In the northeast, Kalkofen to the left of the Lahn belongs to the district, as do Hof and the Hollerich lock on the border to the town of Nassau. The left side of the Lahn from Obernhof with its railway station was incorporated into Obernhof in the course of a regional reform in 1936. The border between Seelbach and Singhofen runs approximately at Hof Salscheid in the southwest of the community. In the centre of the district lies the village of Seelbach, with the daughter church of St. Anna built in 1912 and completed in 1914. The parish church Kloster Arnstein is situated on a rocky outcrop on the Lahn side. At the entrance to Dörsbachtal, also called Jammertal (after an old legend), is the village of Klostermühle. The high altar in the monastery, erected in 1924. The local emblem of the community of Seelbach, already in use in the 19th century, was newly approved and reintroduced by the district government of Koblenz on 21 April 1984. It shows: on a blue background, a four-towered, silver church, in side view, seen from the Seelbach field. The local chronicle, painstakingly compiled by Father Paskal Werner sscc, shows that the number of inhabitants of the small parish has not changed significantly since 1804 with 325 inhabitants, up to the present day 451 inhabitants.