Roman fort bath

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  • Bad Ems
  • Roman Limes

Excavations have uncovered several rooms with cold bath, leaf bath, warm bath and heating rooms

The Roman fort bath stood here. It was built around 120 AD at the same time as the cohort fort, 50 metres to the north. It was excavated and documented between 2009 and 2011 under the direction of the Koblenz branch of the Directorate of Regional Archaeology and with voluntary support from the Historical Society (Verein für Geschichte, Denkmal- und Landschaftspflege Bad Ems e. V.). It is a bath of the row type typical for the Roman military camps at the Limes. The main rooms were in the order of their use. Beside the entrance area there were the following rooms: changing room (apodyterium), cold bath (frigidarium), lukewarm bath, a resting room warmed up to feel good (tepidarium), warm bath with warm, humid air (caldarium), sweat bath with humid hot air (sudatorium), several heating rooms (praefurnium). A Roman bath was not a swimming pool!

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Marktstraße 12

56130 Bad Ems

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