Modern pioneer

The village of Frücht is located in the heights of the Taunus in a setting that is as rural as it is tranquil. It became all the more important in the course of the centuries. Since 1613, the village belonged to the imperial dominion of Johann Gottfried vom Stein and formed a dwarf state in fragmented Germany that was legally as independent as Prussia or Bavaria. The last owner of the dominion was Baron Karl vom und zum Stein, born in Nassau in 1757 as a descendant of an old Nassau knightly family, who went down in the history books as a Prussian minister and reformer. His most important reforms included the abolition of serfdom and the establishment of local self-government. In 1807, Stein had a family tomb with a neo-Gothic funeral chapel built in Frücht. The important Prussian minister also found his final resting place there in 1831. A visit to the small, beautiful park is well worthwhile.