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St. Kastor church in Dausenau

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One of the most beautiful late gothic churches of the Lahn Valley

The late Gothic St. Kastorkirche - one of the most interesting churches in the Lahn Valley - from the first quarter of the 14th century with a Romanesque tower from the end of the 12th century houses sights that are unique for a village church in this combination. The main choir of the three-aisled Staffel-Emporen-Hallenkirche is characterised by wall paintings, which among other things show a passion frieze with figures of the apostles alternating with scenes from the Passion of Jesus. The inside of the door to the tabernacle niche depicts a Gregory mass. In the church you can borrow an audio guide and thus experience the sight.

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Kirchgasse 15

56132 Dausenau

Phone: (0049) 0049026036565

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