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With about 220 inhabitants, lies on the Unterlahn heights in the nature park Nassau

The highest elevation is the "Köppel" with 336 m. Dornholzhausen is also very popular as a starting point for hikes through the wild and romantic Mühlbach valley to Nassau. Dornholzhausen is easily accessible via the district road K 12. In addition to two function rooms for 80 and 300 people respectively, a barbecue hut is available for parties. There is also a sports field and a playground for children.

The towns of Nassau (8 km away) and Nastätten (11 km away) have a very good infrastructure. Here you will find doctors of various specialties, a hospital, several supermarkets and retail stores, gas stations, car repair shops, secondary school and high school with dual upper school and an outdoor swimming pool. From Dornholzhausen, the regional centres of Wiesbaden and Mainz are just as easy to reach as Koblenz. The village was first mentioned in 1260 under the name "Durrenholzhusen". The parish church, which underwent major alterations in the Baroque period, contains late Romantic building elements. On the dominant church forecourt, a Luther sculpture, created from the former Luther oak, dominates the village. In 1586 the patronage rights passed from the inheritance of the von Schönbeck family to the von Stein zu Nassau family.