Right in the middle of the middle ages

Dausenau is a state-approved resort on the banks of the Lahn, located between the spa town of Bad Ems and Nassau. With its heritage from the Middle Ages, Dausenau today boasts a townscape that is unique in the entire region and which visitors can experience at every turn. On the one hand, there is a largely preserved medieval town wall that nestles impressively against the Lahn. Two of the original seven fortified towers are still preserved today, one of which is known far beyond the borders as the "Leaning Tower of Dausenau". Further sights are the Gothic St. Castor Church - one of the most interesting churches in the Lahn Valley - which rises like a thorn over the village, as well as a 1,000-year-old court oak. With the late Gothic half-timbered town hall built between 1432 and 1434, the town also has the second oldest of its kind in Germany.