Lahntal Clinik Bad Ems

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  • Bad Ems
  • health clinic/sanatorium

Centre for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the German Pension Insurance

The Lahntalklinik Bad Ems is a centre for orthopaedic rehabilitation of the German Pension Insurance Rhineland. Patients are treated following orthopaedic, surgical, accident surgery and neurosurgical operations, as well as patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system that do not require surgical treatment. The aim is to enable people to resume their accustomed place in work, family and social life. In October 2005 the Lahntalklinik moved from Nassau to Bad Ems after an extensive renovation of the building. It comprises 200 single rooms with shower, WC, telephone and television. The diagnostic and therapeutic equipment was adapted to the needs of modern rehabilitation. The Lahntalklinik specialises in joint diseases and especially back pain. Before a targeted treatment, extensive specific diagnostic procedures are available for the diagnosis, such as three-dimensional movement analysis, different force measurement procedures, gait analysis, electromyographic muscle measurements. In order to improve the success of the therapy, the elements of classical scientific medicine are combined with elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and synergy effects are achieved. A Chinese doctor for TCM is part of the clinic team. Several scientific projects, some of them funded, are intended to analyse and improve the success of orthopaedic rehabilitation.

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Adolf-Bach-Promenade 11

56130 Bad Ems

Phone: (0049) 2603 97601

Fax: (0049) 2603 9761961


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