Malberg Hospital Bad Ems

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  • Bad Ems
  • health clinic/sanatorium

Specialist clinic for rehabilitation

The Malbergklinik is a specialist clinic for rehabilitation. The aim of rehabilitation is to increase the individual physical, mental and social performance after acute illness, surgery or in case of chronic diseases. It is our wish to accompany you on your way there with words and deeds, to help you to make your life worth living again. We describe our complex, medically based work as "help for self-help". Further building blocks of our clinic philosophy are the best possible medical care, clearly defined treatment focuses, and the consistent pursuit of treatment goals. We want you to feel comfortable during your stay in our clinic. Our broadly diversified team of therapists is structured in such a way that it can respond to your individual clinical picture in a special way. Thorough examination, targeted treatment and comprehensive, caring care is how our experienced team of doctors, nursing staff, therapists and our service and administrative staff see their task. The modern technical equipment is helpful and offers various possibilities of diagnosis and therapy. Range of services ▪ Internal Medicine ▪ Orthopedics ▪ Ear, nose and throat ▪ Gynecology ▪ Physical and rehabilitative medicine ▪ Neurology ▪ Oncology ▪ General medicine ▪ Psychotherapeutic medicine ▪ Geriatrics ▪ Urology

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Römerstr. 44-46

56130 Bad Ems

Phone: (0049) 2603 9750

Fax: (0049) 2603 975744


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