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A real museum of local history in the best sense

The 250-year-old history of the iron hammer foundry "Nieverner Hütte" comes alive here. In addition to the Nieverner Hütte department and the extensive library, with a special section for old prayer and hymnal books, as well as some parish archives, a small kitchen, living room with sleeping accommodation, laundry, cobbler's tools, carpenter's tools, agricultural garden tools and other general old household equipment can be seen. The original blackboard, as well as an old school bench with chairs and school supplies round off the small but worth seeing collection of the Nievern Local Archives. Attached here is the older stock of the community archive, which was developed in cooperation with the Bad Ems community archive. A visit is always worthwhile. Let the two initiators inform you in detail.

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Schulstraße 13

56132 Nievern

Phone: (0049)0260313317

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