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Parish Church of St Willibrord Winches

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The Catholic parish church of St Willibrord was first mentioned in 1250.

Countess Mechthilde von Sayn, who had already transferred the village of Winden to Arnstein Abbey shortly before, now also donated the parish church there to Arnstein Abbey with the right of patronage. The patron saint of the parish church was and is St Willibrord. The wooden statue of St Willibrord from the beginning of the 16th century can still be found in the parish church. The current church of St Willibrord is the third church to be built on this site.

The oldest church was probably built around 1000 to 1200 in the late Romanesque style. The lower part of today's church tower still dates from this first church. It is not known exactly when this was replaced by a subsequent building. The second church existed until 1787 and was then replaced due to dilapidation. The third - current - church was consecrated to St Willibrord. The church has a single nave, a choir and a gallery. It is in the Baroque style.

The church in Winden has 3 bells: the Marien bell (weighing 360 kg and 83 cm in diameter), the Willibrord bell (weighing 250 kg and 74 cm in diameter) and the Michaelis bell (weighing 165 kg and 68 cm in diameter). St Mary's bell and Willibrord's bell were cast by the company F. W. Schilling in 1955 to replace the bells lost during the war. W. Schilling company. The Michaelis bell was spared from being melted down due to the war and was cast by the Humpert/Brilon company in 1929.

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